Vada is a very kind hearted person, she can be bossy at times but she is a great friend and loyal to everyone, if you meet a Vada she will make you feel special and loved. Don't let her go, she puts a smile on your face every time you see her. She is important and beautiful but denies it, she has a great heart and is always willing to put others before herself. When she is down, she won't believe any compliments you give her, she is kind to her friends and family and won't at all make you regret being her friend. If you meet a Vada you should feel like the luckiest person in the world because there is no one else like her, she is unique and special in her own ways. Don't ever treat her like a bitch because she will beat you up if you treat her like crap, so I'd watch your mouth if I were you. She can be annoying but she is very forgiving with her cuteness so if she pisses you off, you won't stay annoyed for very long. You can't stay serious with her, she makes you laugh all the time, she has a brilliant sense of humour and always has a lovely smile on her face! she will always make you happy, so if you ever meet a Vada which is highly unlikely because she is different and no one compares to her, she is the most gorgeous, sweet, sexy, cute young woman you'll ever meet, she is a friend for life and someone you can trust no matter what, don't let her go.
by Kasven May 8, 2018
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One of the stragest people you'll ever meet , but insanely charming , charismatic , pretty , sweet & hilarious. Shes the life of the party & makes everyone laugh. Often has long , blond hair and big brown eyes. Very rare you'll discover one, but you're lucky when you do! Best after awkward stage.
Yes vada she’s so nice
by Santanavada54 April 23, 2018
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Best girlfriend ever smart brilliant awesome don’t mess up she knows all
Vada is awesome
by Gman5OOO June 3, 2021
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a very Kind plant loving person, She is smart but not only is she kind she keeps aware for fake friends
She is rough but soft person Shes like a rock soft and mushy when you leave it alone but rough and bumpy when you get on her nerves. She is a crackhead
Guy: Ugh dude Vada is so boring I like Hailey Better Guy: oh uh i thought she already broke up with you?
by Vadaisawreck June 27, 2020
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She usually is small light skinned she yells and screams for her beliefs she gets in fights with guys she usally has a crush someone above her grade
She is bossy
Well nah she’s Vada
by The truth need 2 know April 20, 2018
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A way of life, created by Wyatt and Fletcher Shears of The Garden, Puzzle, and Enjoy. Also referred to as "The Vadaverse"
Guy 1: What's your religion?
Guy 2: Nah, man, I just live by Vada Vada
Guy 1:...k?

Jerk: Hey babe,where do you live?
Girl: The vadaverse, asshole.
by blueisnotaname August 17, 2014
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she is a smart, caring, and loving person. she is super pretty and funny. she will be by your side until the end. If she ever comes into your life just know you are special because is a true unicorn a rare soul.
by baby._.hails. April 18, 2018
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