When your not a virgin anymore because had sex for the first time. But before you want to lose it here's something you should know: Lose it to someone that you trust, love, and care about.
Jen: Mary! I just Lost my virginity at the party!
Mary: Oh who?!
Jen: Your brother...
Mary: But he's 19 and you're 16
Jen: I know but I couldn't resist!
Mary: Before I ask my brother, what did you guys do?
Jen: I rode him, and then he got on top of me! He stopped when my legs were shaking and when I had to pee so bad! He lasted for almost 2 hours, he's a legend!

Mary: Jeez!

Jen: Then he ate me out for 30 minutes, he was so turned on; so, I gave him a handjob. But he suggested that I gave him a blowjob instead, which was hard because his dick was 11 inches and I nearly choked!
Mary: TMI!!!! (Too much info)
by idk_go away June 24, 2020
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It's a way of mentioning that you like that thing the most. When you really did like something very much for example a song or movie or TV show etc.
*your niggas are talking about a song*
you: murmuring the song;
nigga1: hey, you never liked it?
you: like it? I lost my virginity to it.
by redmattersite November 15, 2018
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