spinel is a villain but shes abandoned by pink diamond and pink diamond said in the garden stand here while i get back and spinel stand there for 6 thousand years until she saw the message from steven
by ~+[(#_^ September 7, 2019
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A person in great grief and certainly wants sweet sweet revenge
Steven- in case you haven't heard i restored peace throughout the ga-

Spinel- yeah yeah i heard your little message to the galaxy on LOOP!

Spinel- thats right i heard the story over and over again
by An Intellectual but smarter October 21, 2019
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Spinel is a vengeful gem whom was emotionally neglected and abandoned by her former owner, Pink Diamond. They were both joyful playmates who would entertain each other every day, week, and even months with various games and juggling. Pink Diamond got weary, sick of Spinel's clingy personality. So she decided to raise Spinel's hopes by tricking her into standing still 6,000 years. Nefariously tricking her into thinking it's a game, and then abandoned her carelessly without any second thoughts. One day, Spinel received a hologram report. Of the 16 year old Steven Universe, talking about his personal life and his known friends. Having no awareness that Spinel was watching it. It shocked Spinel so horribly as once the broadcast has ended, where it made her stop her frozen stance. It pushed her to the brink of insanity, so she gained a new, more pessimistic form. The one we know with the mascara cheek lines and the unorganized piggy-tails. That was when she wanted revenge.
Steven Universe: "There she is, my new best friend, Spinel.."

Spinel: "It is an pleasure to meet you all." *Polite bow*
by Pissed Intellectual September 19, 2019
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she is beauty
she is grace
she is spinel of the homeworld race
also, that karen pink diamond abandoned her
but she came back even better

pink diamond: bai spinel
the diamonds: hai spinel
pink: no u
by sdex May 10, 2020
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A very durable stone that, obvious by the name, can withstand extreme g-force (spinning) without being damaged or fractured
“This poor jack model sizzler ride uses spinel rods to ensure maximum safety while passengers on on board”
by Funnyclock301956 January 5, 2020
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The gem's clingy personality that pissed off Pink Diamond
so she tricked her into standing there for 6000 years
Pink Diamond:(I'm So Pissed off this bitch)Hey Spinel Can You stand in that place till i come back
by 74M3NUMB3RS October 13, 2019
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Spinel is the magnesium/aluminium member of the larger spinel group of minerals. It has the formula MgAl₂O₄ in the cubic crystal system. Its name comes from the Latin word "spinella", which means spine in reference to its pointed crystals
"Spinel's are very durable and depending on its color 2 to 5 carat size it will often sell for $3,000 to $5,000 a carat"
by Gemstone_Info March 28, 2020
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