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When your grandma is sitting in the house but you have a strong urge to suck your mans dick.
Grandma were gonna do some gardening
by MsMiraya February 12, 2018
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to hella blaze/to smoke pot
Africa: Did you get the supplies?
Hookah: Yeah. We'll be gardening in the grove tonight!
by Africa <9&> May 14, 2008
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When a person spends a lot of time making sure they have a back up relationship so if their current relationship fails, they have another to fall back on. Which is accomplished by being extremely friendly/borderline flirting. Also know as "Planting Seeds".
This concept was derived from the saying that love blossoms into a flower.
Person 1: Did you hear about Bob's relationship?
Person 2: Yea I heard he's going through a rough patch.
Person 3: It's okay cause he was gardening all over the place, he'll find another girl easy.
by BGzAK May 08, 2012
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Origins: Leicester, England
Derived from "guarding it"

(verb) to be in the process of looking after something, or keeping something safe.
Two young men having a discussion about whose responsibility it was to look after one of their pints outside a pub*

1: I told you to look after my pint
2: If you cared so much about your pint, you'd be in there gardening!
by gardening September 17, 2017
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When a group of three or more lads partake in the mass gang banging of a fair young maiden.
hey lads, claire looks drunk. Lets take her back to Tony's house for a gardening session.
by Barney Dow May 08, 2004
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