and no it doesn't mean cool, it means insane, when surfers say "that was a narly wave" they are saying it was insane and diffucult not that it was cool. narly is a word used to evoke an amazement that is slightly negative.
"That test was NARLY dude! I'll be lucky if I pass!"
by blah January 13, 2005
The narliest word for cool!
That's so narly, man!
Tottally narly, dude!
by Dominique February 13, 2004
- A certian degree of amazement.
That is one Narly Poop.

Florida is such a Narly place.

Jon has such a narly personality.
by gnomewithonesock May 20, 2005
A word that means cool and often involves a gay hand shake (AKA "Spirit Fingers").
Dude this band is narly. Rock on dude like totally (gay hand shake is right about now)
by Swing May 11, 2004
a word used by surfing dude to describe things like waves or candy bars. also used to describe Brad by many people because he is reguarded as very hip.
whoa dude, what a narly Mars Bar!
Sarah is narly, she's pretty cool as well.
by brad the narly champion December 24, 2004
wannabe 1: Dude, that 360 aerial kick flip was so narly!!!!!11111!!11!
sk8r: Yeah, brah. But it's gnarly.
by samson120 June 17, 2005
narli means something is ultra cool, it is the best of its kind. It is a surfers term
this surfers term is often used to decribe a huge perfect wave! "that is a narli wave"
by kakijacko January 25, 2006