The only two words a legend has to say to send shivers down your entire spine. Synonymous with Michael Jordan's return to Basketball in 1995, after 13 months of playing Baseball.
Attorney, "How should I announce your return?"
Michael Jordan, "Gimme the pen, let me give it a shot first"
*Attorney hands over pen*
MJ writes on the blank sheet of paper, "I'm Back"
by Goofed_Chad July 29, 2020
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To return after a long period of time
*door opens*

Old friend-I'm back bitches
by Jaysweg June 14, 2014
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it is what you say when you return from being gone for an extended period of time
Steve-hey bob i missed you these last 3 weeks
Bob-I'm back baby
by fullmetal pharoh October 12, 2009
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Commonly said phrase after a WoW addicted dissapproves of another MMORPG because:

A. They're close minded and most likely can't stand playing anything that isn't WoW related, dispite how well recieved and/or awesome said game is.

B. The game acually sucks.

C. They miss their pimped out character and simply can't stand starting something new and different.

C. The game isn't WoW.

Or a combination of those.
EvE online sucks, I'm going back to WoW.

Guildwars sucks, I'm going back to WoW.

My life sucks, I'm going back to WoW.
by Dead Panda January 19, 2007
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Self explanatory.
If you don't like rap music, then get the fuck off my definition and get your bitch-ass to
It is a song that you should know.
by Diego November 21, 2003
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The act of never never moving but experiencing life's greatest pleasures.
Rob eats a bag of "Bold Party Blend" Chex Mix.

Rob gloats about finding three rye chips (he claims five).

John exclaims "i've been there i've came back i'm still here" because he's eaten an entire bag of "All Rye Chips" in one sitting.

He knows what's up.
by Sir. Sacksalot April 12, 2011
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