New York's version of the OC. There's wealth, there's drama & everyone is hot and well dressed. Everyone 14 and up is basically perpetually drunk every weekend and summer. If you live in Rye, chances are you are: blonde & blue eyed, pop ur collar, are extremely preppy, think that playland is the trashy home to ur gardeners, play beirut every weekend, a border-line alcoholic and know have atleast three friends with a BMW. Screw the OC, Rye is the place to party!
Sailor: I can't believe Ashley's dad bought her another gucci.
Victoria: Whatever, it's bigger than the last one so atleast she can carry more of our smirnoff.
by snob July 12, 2005
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A place where good grades cover up usage of drugs and underage partying....

Well other than that, rye is a lit town with barely any diversity. It’s a rich suburban “paradise”. Most kids become whores by sophomore year ! —Oh yeah and don’t forget Rye Moms 💪💪💪!!!
“Yo bro so you live in Rye ?”

Yuh bro. We party, drink, and fuck around it’s pretty lit. Plus everyone is rich here and we make fun of kids who are either not blonde or go to Portchester high school bro.”
by /bear_/ October 10, 2019
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A rude ass person who’s actually pretty cool once you get to know them
Me: Rye is acting like a Rye
My friend: I mean it is Rye
by theatreloser February 1, 2022
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Rye, a place where EVERYONE is two faced, literally everyone
You know your in Rye if your friends hate you more than your enemies do.
by sagdasdgasdga November 6, 2005
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Rye is a one a kind name for a one of a kind person
Has a few issues but still loves the way he knows how

Loves his bikes and camping and chilling with a bottle of burbon
Will one day make a loving partner for the right girl!!

Is insanely good in bed and will drive the right girl crazy in the sack
Girl best friend- whoa wht happened to u last night
Girl- I think I got ryed ;)
by Poison2011 November 17, 2011
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Another name for Canadian Whisky. Called thus because it is made mostly from rye grain. Famous brands include Canadian Club, Crown Royal, Black Velvet, Gibson's Finest, Royal Reserve, VO and others. Rye has a mellow flavor and is smoother than other kinds of whisky. It must be aged a minimum of 3 years by Canadian law. 8, 10, 12, 15 and 21-year old ryes are also available. Rye is not generally popular in the USA except in a few places where locals took a liking to it back in the days of prohibition when large amounts of Canadian whisky was smuggled into the USA. Canadians consume large quantities of rye.
"...and good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye"

A: What's wrong with your voice buddy?
B: I drink a bottle of rye every day.
by rye guy October 29, 2005
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3 things to describe Rye is Alchohal, drugs, and preppy douchebags.
Rye Kid: "Hey look at me, I'm drunk and im a douchebag."
Prep: "you Bitch you spilled beer on my new polo you faggot im gonna call all my freinds now and then i might fight you when they get here"
by Dr. Runi November 8, 2005
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