noun: a baby that is born through the anal cavity nine months after its mother received anal penetration. Often brown in color. The mother often times will develop a hunchback in the late stages of pregnancy.
Nurse: "Congratulations! It's a back baby"
by HelloJudsudb;sdjbdwj March 16, 2009
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Woo Back Baby, it’s acronym: WBB
The phrase “Woo Back Baby” was infamously used by none other than the King Himself: POP SMOKE.

This Phrase can be implemented in many ways; in a conversation, a chant, a song or in some cases: a seductive manner to show a Women a Guy’s Charismatic side of their Character. For Example:

Guy: “Damnn! You look fine asl RN”
Girl: “Boyy, stop playing”
Guy: “You know ion play, when you gon’ Woo Back Baby?”
Girl: “Right now 🙄”

This Godly-Like phrase Fuels your Character and Self-Esteem with Immense Power from the Holy Spirit of POP SMOKE.

The word “Woo” is derived from a set that’s based in the Hood of Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY with members such as: Pop Smoke, Tayy Floss, Rah Swish, Dusty Locane and many others.

Bashar Jackson, better known as “POP SMOKE” was an Artist/Rapper that not only Shook the Room, but also the entire World at the Young of 20 Years old before his Late Passing on the 19th of February 2020. May the Young King of New York Rest In Peace. Woo Back from NZ🇳🇿 to NY 🗽💫
by New Zealand WOO September 5, 2021
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When you go on maternity leave for a year to keep your job security. And then get pregnant in that same year again and then return to work without saying anything. Once you start showing you ask for maternity leave again to keep your job security in place. This is usually done if you are a lazy manager or employee.
Employee #1: “oh great! Alicia is having back to back babies just so she can even put this job on her resume!”
by DOOFUS23 July 27, 2022
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it is what you say when you return from being gone for an extended period of time
Steve-hey bob i missed you these last 3 weeks
Bob-I'm back baby
by fullmetal pharoh October 12, 2009
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Where a mans cum drips from her ass after having anal and proceeds to impregnate said woman
Damm I didn’t want kid but I got a roll back baby
by Knolage February 15, 2018
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Term meaning WHORE when there are seven year olds in the room.
"You don't want your identity to be the biggest back seat baby in the school."
by VapoRub Baby April 30, 2006
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