The cold feeling one has for a second after an orgasm.
Man after me and Suzi were at it i got the shivers.
by ELBRENDO August 17, 2006
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The sudden flinch followed by a head rush caused by the euphoric feeling of ejaculation. this is less common in crappy, boring sex.
wow, it was so good i got the shivers
by MATTYFUN August 8, 2004
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The act of taking a shit in a river. One must be standing up for best results.
This idiot named Stuart had diarreah while we were floating down the Mckenzie. He then proceeded to depart his raft and took a standing shiver. What a sick freak!
by Shiver man March 8, 2010
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The Octoling Idol that was revealed in the Splatoon 3 Direct. Whilst not as attractive as her manta ray counterpart "Big man", she is still considered to be better than the third idol "Frye".
Bro I swear to god, Shiver has gotta be the best idol to date. Other than Big man of course
by JappaThatsMe August 13, 2022
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very cold and excited at the same time; shivering in fact.
I am shivermenting.
by kathleen marcellino December 28, 2006
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To act over exited and abnormally energetic, as if you are wired on a boosting drug, not being able to sit still, nervous and restless. Uncontrollable, like a child with a severe case of adhd.
Man, you need to call down and stop shivering!

(Watches friend rip up a napkin at a restaurant out of restlessness). "SHIVERING!"
by Naztrodamus December 27, 2016
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Spandex material pants that girls wear to gym, with Uggs, under dresses, etc.

Joseph Shivers was the creator of Spandex.

Keeping everything where God intended it with a little help from mankind.
"Damn, look at those shivers!"

Guy 1: "how was the gym today?"
Guy 2: "It was good, mad shivery in there today!"
by Shepherd Pie March 22, 2011
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