Contrary to what most people believe, Chex Mix is a lifestyle, not a food. Having a 'Chex Mix' lifestyle means that you are a radiant, globular conglomeration of suavity.
Guy 1: Hey, see that dude over there chugging that Chex Mix?
Guy 2: Yeah...?
Guy 1: Isn't he awesome?!
Guy 2: Hell yeah!
by Joeseph-Anthony January 14, 2013
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The all that is holey snack you eat at every second of the day.
I had the best, most heavenly bag of Chex Mix. Afterwords I creamed myself.
by Randinator December 7, 2006
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A person who looks mexican but has chinese lookin eyes.
Dude, is he Mexican or Chinese?
Fuck, I don't know he's Chex Mix
by The Red Eye Bear Clown August 1, 2008
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a cocktail of stimulants, usually ritalin and adderall conveniently bundled for one's consumption.
"yo, i'm still geekin' off that chex mix!"
by m to the aysa April 8, 2008
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Holy crap, i so wanna eat chex mix with Tom.
by Isabel January 2, 2005
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