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The act of never never moving but experiencing life's greatest pleasures.
Rob eats a bag of "Bold Party Blend" Chex Mix.

Rob gloats about finding three rye chips (he claims five).

John exclaims "i've been there i've came back i'm still here" because he's eaten an entire bag of "All Rye Chips" in one sitting.

He knows what's up.
by Sir. Sacksalot April 12, 2011
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A stolen credit card. (according to Paulie in the book: Wiseguy (the book that the movie Goodfellas was adapted from))
This food is going to taste wonderful tonight.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, I got a muldoon I'll be paying with.
by Sir. Sacksalot January 12, 2020
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A term for marijuana.
Are you still coming over to burn that voltron later?
by Sir. Sacksalot February 28, 2008
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