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Another word for Big boobs, large tits, etc.
Guy 1:"So I went out with this girl last night..."
Guy 2:"How'd she look?"
Guy 1:"Dude her Hoyos were huge!"
by Dr.Slang June 12, 2016
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a ruckus over a small situation or conflict between two people.
The students began a hoyos when the teacher shredded the student for speaking in class.
by ahhh...HOYOS May 16, 2011
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1) That ho that just won't quit--keeps coming back, sorta like a yoyo.
2) A word found in the scrabble dictionary.
3) The bitch that doesn't quit.
1) Guy1: Hey Sean, you gonna trick that hoyo later?
Guy2: Aw, yeah, bro, I'm gonna show her the eiffel tower!
2) "Oh, nice, triple word score--the H and the Y are worth so much together!"
3) Guy1: Hey bre, your pocket's vibrating! Someone calling you?
Guy2: Nah, its just some hoyo. I keep saying no, but she just keeps begging for the D. Let freedom ring, I say.
by AnonTheInvincible September 07, 2008
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"Would your abo kill me if I come to meet your hoyo?" - Baba by Geko
by laraah April 18, 2015
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A person that has been desiesd for over 69 hours and 21 minutes. This person also has a strange addiction to jumping down stairs.
Did you know that I'm a hoyo? I didn't know until I had diabetes and then my doctor told me!
by TheSavageOfWales January 31, 2017
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