Be lowkey, don’t make anything hot
Yo ya shawty here gang tp
by Nazsmall November 12, 2020
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Some Fem: **Shows Me My Ex New Girl**
Bria: Shes Deadass Chopped TP Tho...
by briaaadtn March 22, 2020
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TP is short for Toilet Paper. Those of you who are fans of Beavis and Butthead should know this. Incase you ever wondered what the hell Beavis aka Cornholio was talking about.
Cornholio: ''I need TP, TP for my bunghole!''
by Nathan Ganley July 20, 2003
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A form of vandalism where the vandals put toilet paper all over the victim's house.
I TPed my bitch science teacher's house last night. I also put my dog's crap in her mailbox and egged the door and windows.
by Ftkdb Rdyro July 6, 2003
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Ty: “ She broke up with me bro”
Pi: “ Tp bro Tp”
by Cwaffe November 24, 2017
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1. toilet paper

2. to festoon the trees and shrubs of a residential yard with toilet paper
Did you little punks TP my yard?
by Light Joker January 23, 2006
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Definition 1: TP, being short for toilet paper. Usually a verb in which one or more commonly a group of people wrap toilet paper around ones house, most likelily to anger the person. Often, the group TPing the house will use eggs and poop to their disposal for additional havoc.

Definition 2: TP, in a video game. To teleport. Used in WoW and WarCraft commonly.
Definition 1

Angry1: Dude, I hate that neighbor so much, his lawn is ALWAYS GREEN!

Angry2: C'mon man, let's go TP his house!
Angry1: AGREED!

Definition 2

Nerd1: we're about 2 g3t g@nked!
Nerd2: F0rg3t th!s! I'm TPing back2 base!
by toiletpaperman August 24, 2009
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