principal: whats this ruckus?
student: I didnt hear a ruckus
principal: I heard a ruckus
student: can you describe this ruckus?
by jesse April 22, 2004
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ruckus: causing a scene; starting trouble; to introduce an unrest or other tension to a social gathering
Apollo: You trying to start a ruckus here in general chat, sir?

Random User: *LMFAO NAH BRUV*

Apollo: *Bans* @Random User
by Vendaciousness June 24, 2018
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Leon from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" brings it to the ladies, because he gets his.
"Well it wasn't mine, you know why? Because i gets mine, Larry. I brings the ruckus to the ladies!"
by ruckus boy August 25, 2008
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to wreak havoc on another teams defense
the drs forwards caused a ruckus in the offensive zone with all of the pressure they applied
by da greenhouse November 19, 2008
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Originally derived from the Boondocks chracter,Uncle Ruckus, who was an extreme racist agianst black people but loves white folks more than any other thing.
I like to beat down Ruckuses
by Ole_Boy March 3, 2006
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1) a disturbance or commotion
2) What Neil likes to cauz
3) A blend of ruction and rumpus (im serious)
You and me, lets go cauz a ruckus!!!
by Kapps March 2, 2003
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Aaron said there was alot of Rucuks up at the bar tonite.
by Noelle March 15, 2003
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