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The people from Somalia are called Somalis not Somalians or other words and and the person from somalia is Somali.
Nationality: Somali
by Somali. May 01, 2019
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Very cool and handsome looking people. Their country is great and their food tastes sensational. They are home of the beauty and mysteries of Ancient times.
Somali are home of the great. See also, Somalian
by . . . BOB. . . August 20, 2007
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Handsome lookin people, always happy and Meditereanen smile,some of them are backstabbers some of them nice and wise,their food is delicious.
Pharoahs were belevied from Somalia, they are only remaining ancient tribe of Pharoahe. the pharoahs called "Land of Punts", meaning "Land of god".
by Erickson1290 May 30, 2006
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One of the major ethnic groups that are indigenous to the Horn of Africa. Somalis are ancient mix of Neolithic farmers & North Africans, this has been proven by geneticists & anthropologists research Eurasian backflow. They have magnificent history, culture, & food. They are also one of the most beautiful & handsome peoples located in Africa.
Typical Somali is brownskin, many are darkskin & lightskin with curly or wavy hair straight & kinky hair are extremely rare. The majority have thin defined noses with thick or full lips. The majority adhere to Islamic beliefs Sunni branch. Also, please it's Somali people NOT Somalian. Mahadsanid thank you for reading, soo dhowow peace.
Look at that Somali woman over their she is extremely beautiful with soft skin. Imam Warsame, Barkhad Cabdi, & Ilhan Omar are all known Somali celebrities.
by Soomaali August 10, 2019
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A person from Somalia who his or her ethnic group is Somali.
Somalis are a mix of africans , ancient egyptians and arabs.
Their language is Somali a cushitic language.
It is related to languages such as Hebrew , Arabic , Amhara , Berber.
A somali men , A somali girl , A somali leader.He speaks somali
by Abdul March 19, 2005
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A race of a tall, slender African people with Caucasian features who hail from Somalia in Eastern Africa.
The supermodel Iman (married to David Bowie) is a native Somali.
by FarahM October 08, 2005
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