To tell others to wear a mask during a pandemic but does not wear a mask themself.
Do not borra during a pandemic. It's dangerous.
by SuperiorBeing69 July 26, 2020
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The non-spanish speaker's way of calling someone an asshole via a Spanish-English dictionary. Sometimes seen as borra hoya or hoya de borra.
Matt: I need a good example of "borra hoyo" for Urban Dictionary.
Drew: you're a fucking bora hoya.
by tpshortstop July 21, 2010
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Uuber Goober. Someone who knows a lot of nonsense that people do not give a rats ass about. Also, the king of all kinds of sausage and salami alike, thats right folks, salami.
Torra Borra: The circumference of the square root of 17 oranges is equal to that of the pound total in kilobytes of a d-ram processor.
Me: Torey, go play DDR.
by Tyler Sadex May 24, 2004
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A nice, popular, and fun person. Hes a blonde with blue eyes who loves to run track and plays basketball. Hes hard to figure out but easy to love. He will always talk about himself and act crazy, but still knows when to calm down. Hes has A honors and is exceeding math, making up for his poor English grammer. He has cool wavy hair and is in many schools programs including student service club, newspaper, basketball, track and field, and its part of out schools cleanup crew. He is one year older than me in eighth grade anf is graduating this year leaving me alone as the queen of our middle school. I love him amd i might feel the same way towards me.
Damn lucas borra is so obnoxious.

But i love his friendly personality
by Glee3 March 07, 2016
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