the truth. often known as a waker of dreams. ancient legend speaks of one who walks with insight and sees things for what they are.
The way that professor spoke about religion was eye-opening, he was like a bora. psychic
by spokenlegend May 30, 2009
strong European wind: a cold, dry, strong northeasterly wind that blows down the mountains of Central Europe and along the shores of the Adriatic
by bora January 6, 2004
A person with great knowledge of everything that doesn't matter.
by Jingle bells February 3, 2017
Short for Boracay, a cool beach in the Philippines, white sand.
by babsut November 3, 2006
noun - someone or something which employs a lot of sass in a given context
Geez shanaynay, don't be such a bora guuurl.
by wahunja December 18, 2009
the girl whom do sung loes....
so beautiful girl...
by Anonymous September 5, 2003
The ultimate midget, he likes to play Fortnite and he is also funny. He is the biggest chode and his name resembles chaos itself. Legend has it if you scream his name 3 times at night he will get you any girl you want.
by ultimamachina October 16, 2018