means well defined muscles especially in the arms and abs
man he must lift and run all day cuz hes shredded.
by DK September 23, 2004
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to have acquired 6% body fat.
hey you're shredded (no homo)

hey you're 6% body fat (no homo)
by dat dere cell tech September 3, 2011
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extreme state of intoxiction from marijuana use often noted by staggering vision(like the picture lags) numbness of legs and arms very pleasurable feelings and sometimes paranoia,stoned,blazed,high
damn sammy smoked so much he was shredded
by Juan Gil April 26, 2005
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to be absurdly sore. total muscle melt down
James: God that workout blew.

David: Yeah, my legs are shredded.
by gottasweep July 2, 2010
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Shredded:when you high as fuck and you know your not coming down for a long ass time
Guy1: wanna nother hit?
Guy2 nah but thanks I’m absolutely shredded dude...
by October 19, 2020
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to be salted, or insulted
guy 1: man i have so many friends everone likes me

guy 2:huh? no nowon likes you, you have no freindss. do us all a favor and die.....shredded
by thecoolkidfromdownthestreet April 26, 2009
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Can be used in place of many words ... but mainly describes someone who is way too drunk.
Did you see Eddie last night at the party? Man he was shredded!
by Blasman February 3, 2006
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