When a guy or girl has their way with a sex partner then moves on to the next.

*Hopscotchin does include protected sex.
If your not using protection your HOTscotchin.
Yoo! I went Hopscotchin with some chicks last night, I told her to let me hopscotch and she didnt have any problems with it.

myspace.com/jovanos. Check out the song called "Hopscotchin" for a clear example
by Jovanos January 31, 2009
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An adult hardcore drinking game best played with a group of people (but can also be played solo). An order is set to see who goes first, second, third, etc. Each person has the first type of scotch in front of them and the one to goes first drinks the glass as a shot, immediately followed by the second person, who is then immediately followed by the third person and so on and so forth. This constitutes as the first round. Second round is similar but done with another type of scotch. There can be an OPTIONAL three minute break between rounds (let's face it, bartenders take a while to get you another drink let alone several). If by some chance there are still players aware after te five rounds, start over. Players are eliminated for breaking the cycle (going before their turn), taking too long to down their drink, or for passing out. Last person standing is the winner.

For a list of types of scotch, look up scotch on wikipedia.

Don't drink and drive!
1.) We went down to the bar Friday night to play a game of hopscotch but one of my friends passed out after only the second round.
by Dr_Girafales July 05, 2011
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"Call of Duty 4 is hopscotch."

"Oi! Nando's Wings are a proper hopscotch meal."
by Tizz Mizzle November 29, 2007
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AKA Hop, Hoppy.

Insane french. Sexy and cool.
The Hoppy started to go on about the hippopothamus, but I was too distracted by his one eyed baby. That sexy beast.
by Ciarin January 07, 2004
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A player in a multiplayer first person shooter game who uses excessive jumping in order to avoid incoming shots
Those fucking hopscotchers are hard to kill man!
by CrunchyCentar June 05, 2019
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A euphemism for sex.
"Damn, I'm trying to play me some hopscotch with this girl tonight.."

"Yo, why the hell is Alex the only one hopscotching it up right now?!! Fuck that!!"
by John Lovelady December 17, 2007
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