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Not hard to understand, it means best, high standard achieved, very good, etc
They are top notch
by larstait October 16, 2003
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Good. Perfect. Untainted. Mint condition. Healthy.

Of something or somebody.
If a car salesman tells you the car is in top notch shape, just kick him straight in the gonads.

Despite the cocktail of Anejo tequilla and cocaine, I feel in top notch form this morning!
by NeverMindWho March 03, 2006
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The best something can be, there is no phrase in the world which emphasises the quality of an object/person/situation more than top notch.
Stuart: How was you're date with Lucinda-May?
Edgar: It was TOP NOTCH!
Stuart: Woah, that means that it was better than anything else ever?
Edgar: Yes, because that's what top notch means.
by Stev White April 21, 2007
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Best and better than the in competition. First used in 1848 when reffering to a lady friend. Notches in the bed post were used to keep a record of the women you slept with. If she was the top notch then she was the best in show.
That chick I went home with last night was "top notch."
by Spazraw September 01, 2009
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good, perfect, better than the last...

comes from when people put notches on their bed when they have sex with people, the last is always better than the one before. so its TOP NOTCH
That player was top notch at her game today.
by Samantha1992 February 18, 2008
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1) a notch that is the highest in a row or column of notches
2) slang. an item, person or idea that is so much better than everything else that it is ridiculous.
"Just hang that on the top notch"
"These cheese fries are top notch"
by Fuckstick January 28, 2003
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