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An underground street term for energy drinks.

ORIGIN: Energy Drinks = EDs = Eddies
"Hey, we need to go to the store and pickup some Eddies for later tonight."
by Tizz Mizzle April 21, 2007

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A replacement word for 'seriously'

Usually used in a response to a true statment.
Tyler: "I drank 20 cans of mountain dew, I'm gonna be up all night."
Domenic: "Yeah.. cereal."
by Tizz Mizzle May 15, 2007

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An informal or slang word that pirates use for Starbuck's.
Pirate Captain: A-hoy me maties! What do ya say we go on down to Starbies?
Pirate Crew: YAAARRGG!!!
by Tizz Mizzle January 10, 2008

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Another way of saying "Same old"
Dick: Hey, what's going on dude?
Howard: Eh, same-o, same-o.
by Tizz Mizzle January 09, 2008

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1. When something happens and you feel the need to absolutely text someone about it.

2. When you remember an old joke or something from the past and you text a friend to reminisce about it.
Jason: I just thought of the time you got pulled over for going 30 mph over the speed limit, and I was like dang that is so text worthy!
Adam: Haha, that was so ridiculous.
by Tizz Mizzle June 05, 2007

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When a guitar player throws his guitar around his neck.
DUDE! Saosin's music video to "Bury Your Head" has the sickest tar-toss I've ever seen!
by Tizz Mizzle September 14, 2005

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Blows + Balls = Blalls

Used the same way as the informal definition of "sucks"

When something is disagreeable or disgusting, it blalls.
Man, this game blalls!
by Tizz Mizzle September 12, 2007

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