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A lovely brown whisky drink from Scotland. Must be distilled to certain standards to be called Scotch. Also certain other things from Scotland are called Scotch (Scotch pies, etc). It's spelt WHISKY not WHISKEY. Irish and American whiskey is spelt WHISKEY whereas Scotch and Canadian whisky is spelt WHISKY. Scotch as a term to refer to people from Scotland is too old school and many Scots find it offensive.
Me and my boy Johhnie Mac drank a bottle of scotch after a night at the bar and were rightly drunk.

"Scotch, scotch, scotch, I love scotch." Ron Burgundy
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An archaic word occasionally mis-used to describe people, places and things from Scotland. This use of 'Scotch' is actively disliked by people from Scotland itself. Scottish or Scots should be used instead, with the exception of a few ingrained words or phrases, most notably in the case of certain food and drink items.
Acceptable: Scotch Broth, Scotch Beef, Scotch (Whisky.)

Not Acceptable: "Hey dude, are you Scotch!? We visited an awesome Scotch castle when we were on vacation!"
by Struan January 01, 2006
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Most definitely does not mean 'Scottish' when describing people. It is often used to describe liquor, eggs and beef among other things.

Those who call Scottish people 'Scotch' are often corrected with a polite saying-so, or a "Fuck off, you stupid American bastard!", depending on how much Scotch the Scottish person has recently imbibed.
Stereotypical American - "Hey you're Scotch! Isn't Scotland in England?"

Drunken Scot - "Fuck off, you stupid American bastard!"
by bluntpencil2001 April 25, 2005
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this is addressed to the retard who wrote the first definition..scotch is a type of liquor...a person from scotland would be a scot or scotsman
by Anonymous March 07, 2003
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a. Pertaining to Scotland, its inhabitants, or its language; Scottish. (Webster's Unabridged Dictionary 1940 - 1957 eds.)

While it is grammatically correct to refer to a person of Scottish descent as "Scotch", the Scotch people are known to get worked-up into a frenzy at its utterance. Conversely, the Scotch people have no issue with their culinary or alcoholic creations being referred to as such. "Scotch" is the only term known to offend a people not normally prone to sensitivity toward politically correct language.
1. The Scotch (people) are a tight lot.
2. The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3-M) invented Scotch Tape.
3. The air was heavy with Scotch mist.
by ScooterMcBean January 25, 2011
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