That word Zuko Didn't stop saying for 2 1/2 seasons.
Zuko: I need to capture the Avatar to restore my honor.
Iroh: You've been saying that for 50 episodes Zuko!
by Whythehellareyoustillhere? November 03, 2020
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As a verb: To accept at face value (to honor a check),
to accept and treat as valid (to honor a debt),
to grant as a privilege (I'm honored by your company),
to respect or pay homage to (the statue honors WWII veterans).

As a noun: A significant part of one's dignity or value (I will defend my honor),
the respect or distinction payed to someone or something (it's an honor to win this award),
something given or used to show respect, status, achievement, or deference (the title "your eminance" is purely honorific) or a title thus purposed (always address the judge as "your honor")

A feminine given name, originating from a hope to bestow a child with certain qualities by invoking those qualities with a name, such as love, faith, hope, charity, chastity, etc.
Yes, my name is Honor... At least my mom didn't choose 'Chastity'.
by Honor June 23, 2004
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A combination of self-respect and a good reputation based on the ability to tell The truth, defend those less fortunate or are weaker than you, and an instinctual knowledge of right and wrong. All of this culminating in the person who is completely trustworthy and above reproach. These things are not given to you and are not able to be taken away from you by anyone but yourself. To quote Rob Roy : honor is a gift a man gives himself and one should never worry about the obtaining of it.
even though Joe in accounting is a complete ass, I had to stick up for him because I know he didn't steal from Greg. It was the honorable thing to do
by Dapper Dagorhirim May 01, 2015
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meaning that you had sex with her
Guy 1: I got Honor. Did you get Honor?

Guy 2: Yo, we all got Honor, cause she's easy
by Tommy Vancouver September 14, 2009
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