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Very distant and/or out of the way... Forever.

Often simply 'hell and gone'
Lady, you are hell and gone from Cartegena.
by Honor June 23, 2004
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A self-identified lesbian or dyke who happens to have been born with the birth defect of a wholly or semi-operative penis.

This term can sometimes be applied to such a person after said birth defect has been altered by means of corrective surgery, but is more appropriate before such repairs have been undertaken.
As 'John', she was able to pass as a straight man, but now, as 'Joanne', she's an out transdyke.
by Honor March 14, 2005
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A category of endeavor in which one is highly skilled, well prepared, or blessed with natural talent and, therefore, enjoys a high liklihood of success.

From card games relying on making or ditching books or tricks, such as Hearts or Spades. In a making game, for example, if you are holding all or most of the desired cards in a given suit (hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs) then you can be fairly sure of taking a high number of 'books' or plays.
I'm going to need some help getting ready for this test... Math's really not my strong suit.

Get Melanie to talk to her for you... Diplomacy's always been her strong suit.
by Honor June 23, 2004
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A person from whom an informal, unregulated, short term loan can be acquired... Usually at usurious interest and with at least the presumption of physical danger to the borrower in the case of default.

The name comes from the ruthless and violent popular image of sharks, and basically assumes the lender hasconnections with organized crime.

Can also sometimes be applied to one who always seems just a bit too mercenary in thier "assistance" of friends.
My uncle was sick for two weeks, and missed a co-op payment. Now he has to get money from a loan shark, or he's on the street.

Bobby said he wouldn't give me a ride to work unless I gave him $15 for gas... What a loan shark.
by Honor July 24, 2004
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a fellow who can often be seen around the city... Particularly in the right places or with the right people. Dapper, sociable, and fashionable.
Quite the man about town, Bobby was friendly with all the right people.
by Honor July 24, 2004
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Generally, used as a denial of sexual or romantic intimacy or designs.
Are you two dating?

No. We're just good friends.
by Honor July 14, 2004
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A Class 8 heavy commercial truck, also known as a tractor, "big rig", or "semi" (for the semi-trailers they haul).... Especially a nice, customized, or "tricked out" example of the conventional, or "long-nose" variety.
'Got my Large Car pullin' a skateboard down the superslab.
by Honor March 22, 2007
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