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I'm only writing this so Urban Dictionary would advertise this.
Get a Crappy mug for your aunt Shelila.
by Whythehellareyoustillhere? October 26, 2020

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A perfect sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The show is about Korra, the next Avatar in the Avatar cycle. She already mastered water, earth, and fire by the start of the show. Tenzin (Aang’s son) arrives at the south pole to teach Korra airbending. But Tenzin tells her that he has go back to Republic City. So Korra goes as well, without Tenzin knowing. That’s just the beginning. Korra meets many new friends throughout the show and we also learn the origin of the first Avatar. Go watch the show, I think it’s great. Also I am very bad at summery.
Hey wanna watch The Legend of Korra?
Sure. It’s great.
by Whythehellareyoustillhere? January 09, 2021

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That word Zuko Didn't stop saying for 2 1/2 seasons.
Zuko: I need to capture the Avatar to restore my honor.
Iroh: You've been saying that for 50 episodes Zuko!
by Whythehellareyoustillhere? November 03, 2020

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Nothing on UD is useful.

Oh shit me telling you nothing on UD is useful is useful.
"I am just writing the word useful in this example. This isn't actually useful so you can skip this shit"
by Whythehellareyoustillhere? October 26, 2020

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