When you did something and failed miserably, people could say this to you. Meaning the thing that you did was a total frailer or you sucked at doing it.
Complete ass! you just missed and I am right in front of you!
by TheDunkMaster September 24, 2017
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litteral meaning - someone who assed is
crazy meaning - includes the dlc
haha look at this its completely assed asså
by samthemanking April 5, 2017
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to really blow, to be so bad that it just sucks so much it sucks complete ass.
"We just got so ditched."
"Jim, this blows."
"Ya, this sucks complete ass"
"Lets go slash some tires"
by CHRIS!, JIM! March 6, 2005
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this means when the show is completely horrible, when the show can never be good, when the show shouldn’t have been made, and how it should be erased from existence.
for examplethis show is completely ass “
by nyytardd August 30, 2021
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