The process by which the shaft skin of the circumcised penis is stimulated to grow, generally by strecthing, to create a facsimile of the natural foreskin. Also known as uncircumcision or restoring.
Jewish males were required to restore their foreskins to take part in the first Olympic games.
by sephfx April 15, 2004
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A term commonly used by mistake when describing a vehicle that has undergone improvements such as new paint and interior, yet is nothing like a factory original.
I spent 10,000 dollars on the restoration of my VW Bus. The Lexus Plum Purple paint still looks new and the leather Dodge Caravan seats are very comfortable.
by norcalmike vw December 21, 2010
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Movement started by Logan grimes (aka twitter bae) after the fans won and received the snyder cut, because it was inevitable, merely ONE SINGLE JUSTICE LEAGUE film wasn’t ever going to be enough so the fans continued and mercilessly hashtagged “RestoreTheSnyderVerse” and for good reason.

Since WB robbed us of something incredible, a superhero version of lord of the rings if you will, so yes.

Despite the mediocre DCEU mainstream stuff these days, Snyder’s vision deserves to be completed.

And fuck WB, sure Shazam and aquaman are great, BUT we still deserve batfleck and Superman to continue the DCEU, With snyder there’s no direction. There can be both, but MOSTLY Snyder’s batfleck and Superman MUST REIGN SUPREME.

even non snyder cultists must agree that it must happen

Because unlike Warner bros (WB) mcu DOES give the fans what they want (usually)
Geralt of snyderverse is an avid “Restore the SnyderVerse” supporter and Logan supports him openly

The snyder fanbase WILL NEVER GIVE IN and WILL mop the floor with WB as will discovery once the merger finishes and they retrieve their great prize

Restore The SnyderVerse

by Zzzztrip February 6, 2022
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What a circumcised male does after learning how horrible circumcision is. It works by stretching the skin every day for years, causing penile skin to very slowly grow and form a skin tube with some (but not all) functions of a real foreskin.

Some people will tell you it's a waste of time because it's not a real foreskin and you can't get the nerve endings back. However, foreskin restoration still has so many benefits that everyone who does it says it's worth it. You do get some nerve endings back, but not all. Every restorer reports a massive increase in sexual pleasure.
I became depressed after finding out my parents mutilated me after I was born, so I started foreskin restoration.
by ForeskinRestorer March 19, 2019
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The process of expanding the residual skin of the penis by surgical or nonsurgical means to creat a foreskin.
by Deep blue 2012 March 19, 2010
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What you do when you find out later in life doctors have destroyed your penis by circumcising you after birth. It is simply undoing what the doctor did (uncircumcising). There are 2 ways to restore foreskin: The Surgical or Non-Surgical (best option) method. Research it if you wish.

Circumcision is flawed and doctors are ignorant about it. It may mess up the Mother/Father to son bond. During circumcision, doctors sever a nerve off, causing your future sex experience to not be as good. It has NOT been proven that circumcision prevents STD's, urinary track infection, or any other myths doctors have put out there. Oh, and there are many, many myths out there. Having foreskin is not-not clean. All you do is pull back your foreskin in the shower and clean it. Are Americans too lazy to do this?

I certainly wouldn't do that to my son when he's born. Its his decision if he wants it done or not, not the parents', doctor's or nurse’s. Is circumcising your child really necessary? Nah people.
Foreskin restoration is the way to go if you are unhappy about being sexually mutilated.
by Eugene Wilkinson July 4, 2006
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