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A person who is honourable has great integrity and righteousness about them. They will always do the righteous and correct thing no matter the mental or physical implications to themselves.
Ned Stark always did what he believed to be the right course of action. He was truly honorable, right until his death.
by Honour and Virtue May 19, 2016
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Honorable is actually a visible moral charecteristic that is witnessed by others....
Honorable is honoring the words that you speak...
Others can visually see an Honorable or unhonorable person...
Being Honorable is...
If you make a statement with your mouth that you will do something for yourself or others...

YOU ACTUALLY DO IT and others see your words come to life...
This is what makes someone Honorable
Honorable is with all walks of life..Some good some bad some ugly...Honorable people put actions to there words...just cause you say it...good bad or ugly..if you don't do it...your are just not Honorable...
by PRETTY IN COPPER February 01, 2017
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The act of being a true gentalman but also has flaws but does not lie cheat steal or purposely do harm to others but will if his code is trampled on by jealousy
by Rollin thunder November 20, 2018
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