A crazy website that is funny for no reason. It rocks, but science has yet to find out why. Who ever made it was reallllllly creative. And he must be cool, no koool. Addictively funney, should make a movie.
I checked out Homestarrunner.com and found it to be funney for no reason. I'm hooked.
by Homefrog February 17, 2004
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Homestar runner is the main character of homestarrunner.com, he looks like a guy without arms who is white all over, wearing a red shirt with a star on it and a helicopter hat,he also has a serious speech impediment, he is stupid, but his stupidity often works well for him, he has a rival strongbad and a girlfriend marzipan he lives in free town- USA near prance, he is one of the coolest characters on the site aswell and his site is hilarious.
Homestar:Now class, i will show you how to make a wet computer out of strongbads computer, first, take some mountain dew, then apply liberally....

He pours mountain dew over strongbads computer

After a little wait

Woah this sodas like never ending
(singing)neeveer ending soodaa
by Kash August 20, 2004
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A cool character off homestarrunner.com is white, wears a beanie, shirt w/ a star on it, and has no arms and is a terrific athlete. Borrows fondue sets and has a baseball bat headed girlfriend named marzipan.
Has a speech impediment and is annoying and funny all at the same time.
Flagrant error! I don't know what you did, but you sure messed it up you moron. Uh Oh! This does not look good for the homestarrunner.
by lazyassloser April 16, 2004
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