36 definitions by Lieutenant Tarpit

A friggin' pile of shit that cancelled Invader Zim. Nickelodeon has absolutely NO GOOD SHOWS WHATSOEVER. YOU F***ING RETARDED PILES OF SHIT!
Nickelodeon is crap.
by Lieutenant Tarpit May 24, 2004
One of the best damn countries on Earth! The accent is often stereotyped, but I like it.
Scotland rules! I'm gonna live there one day...
by Lieutenant Tarpit July 29, 2004
A restaurant that serves crap right outta Britney Spears' ass.
McDonald's is the crappiest restaurant on the face of the planet.
by Lieutenant Tarpit May 24, 2004
The best band known to man! They've great ones like "Particle Man", "Fingertips", "Turn Around", and many others, including the recently-released "Experimental Film". TMBG is a great band chock full of greatness and originality.
They Might Be Giants is God compared to all other bands! And it's definatley God to the Devil, otherwise known an NSYNC.
by Lieutenant Tarpit July 20, 2004
Is an awesome show. Nick deserves to have a pile driver shoved up their ass for cancelling it!
Invader Zim is freaking funny! NICK IS A PILE OF SHIT!
by Lieutenant Tarpit May 24, 2004
Two words: Hell hole.

I mean, come on! When in the hell will people just learn that no matter what they say kids don't give a shit?

School is a place to go if you want to find pot-heads, sluts, incredibly boring lectures that noone listens to anyway, the retarded, slow-witted beast known as the "principle", and any other form of shit that makes one's chlildhood less enjoyable.

Hell, my dad was thrown against a wall by a teacher, and got a concussion.
What the f*** is wrong with people that send their kids to scholl?
by Lieutenant Tarpit July 11, 2004