(1) The one who's always giving Strong Bad a hand.

(2) The one who's always messing up Homestar's plans.

(3) The one who's gonna start a rock'n'roll band.

(4) The one who's making out with Marzipan.

(5) The man that looks like The Cheat.

(6) The one with yellow feet.

(7) The dude that moves to the beat.

(8) Not the guy from 21 Jump St.
by Ian Maxwell March 9, 2003
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A fine looking young man. Or an uhhguuhly boouiid. Strong Bad's sidekick and Strong Mad's friend.
"The Cheat is not deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, I'm so glad the cheat-- Keep it going guys, keep it going. *runs*"
by Sunbun April 15, 2003
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A furry little thing that was once described by Strongbad as looking '..more like cheese. Or an anvil.' He also has a gold tooth. He is called The Cheat because he helps Strongbad cheat at stuff. His other freinds are Pom Pom and Strongmad. The Cheat cannot speak English.
SB: The Cheat, say something normal, like, er, Douglas.
TC: Mmmah.
SB: Douglas!
TC: Mah Mah.
TC: Mah.
by Adam S., last time I checked. December 3, 2003
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He is a character in the Flash Animation world of homestarrunner.com.

He is a furry yellow creature whose species is basically unknown. And he has his own language that features squeaks and "Meh"s. But he is 1'2" with yellow fur, black spots, and is shaped like a cheese and an anvil.

His best friend is Strong Mad who is at least 6 feet tall with no neck who protects him from larger predators. And he is Strong Bad's lackey, assistant, and sidedick frequently appearing in Strong Bad e-mail. And of course, Strong Bad has kicked him several times before, and he loves to make Flash cartoons on his yellow IMac computer which he tries to win trophies for. But really all his cartoons just feature bad animations of voices of characters from homestarrunner.com and just feature The Cheat being really cool.

He also:
Moves to the beat
Has yellow feet
Gives Strong Bad a hand
Messes up Homestar's plan
Makes out with Marzipan
Looks like Pikachu
Is not the guy from 21 Jump Street

No question he is one of the most popular characters on the website, and some of the fans kind of think of The Cheat as kind of a cuddly teddy bear creature. (Myself not included)

"Three trophies for The Cheat!"
"A parade for The Cheat!"
by Tom G. August 3, 2005
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(1)The small companion of strongbad that looks like an anvil or block of cheese
by Joseph McKinney November 20, 2003
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i got mad at the cheat
for screwin up the jumble caper
hope i dont see his name in the paper
in the obituaries
cause that would mean he is dead
the cheat is not dead
I'm so glad the cheat is not dead
by Anonymous April 2, 2003
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Strong Bad's little yellow buddy who enjoys making short cartoons on his iMac and resting in the crisper drawer.
The Cheat is the best player on the CGNU beat stuff up team.
by Kameron the best June 20, 2003
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