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See: Homestar Runner. Short for Homestar Runner, a weird-lookin' freak.
"...but Homestar can win the stupid competition"
by Sunbun April 15, 2003
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An armless stick-figure-lookin' guy who talks in a way that is actually understandable.
"Everyone loves the Homestar Runner. He is a terrific athlete." or "Homestar Runner is a stupid crap-for-brains webmaster."
by Sunbun April 15, 2003
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1) acronym for read only memory
2) a big sized file that, when loaded into a console emulator, plays a video game that's usually licensed
(irc setting)
"@find XBOX ROMS" .. "There ain't no xbox roms, st00pid."
by Sunbun September 7, 2003
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Named after the dragon that Strong Bad drew in Strong Bad Email 58. Two S's, a V, a beefy arm, some legs, and the power to burninate add up to the majesty that is Trogdor the Burninator.
"And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIiiiiIIiIIIiiIiiIIght." (sorry, I couldn't think of anything better)
by Sunbun September 7, 2003
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n. blockhead, dumb@rse
v. stupid
You baka foojoo!

(this definition is one of my bad ones, so foojoo on me)
by Sunbun September 25, 2003
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A fine looking young man. Or an uhhguuhly boouiid. Strong Bad's sidekick and Strong Mad's friend.
"The Cheat is not deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, I'm so glad the cheat-- Keep it going guys, keep it going. *runs*"
by Sunbun April 15, 2003
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Japanese Romanji for a green soy bean from a fuzzy pod. The word is used as a singular or a plural noun. Delicious when boiled.
'Gimme some of that edamame.'
by Sunbun June 20, 2003
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