Whimsical and goofball flash based animated Webcartoon, complete with voices, recurring themes, holiday specials and an evil villan (Strong_Bad)who's more popular than the site's hero: Homestar Runner.

Full of catch phrases that burn(inate) throughout the net.

"Do you fight for good? or for awesome?"
by Nevkil May 08, 2003
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1. When followed by the suffix "Runner," this term describes a popular website inhabited by Trogdor, The Cheat, and the Poopsmith, among others.
2. Suffix-less, this term describes a puffy, white, speech-impaired menace who is the arch-enemy of Strong Bad although he is too oblivious to even notice.
3. Also, one who likes to look at a thing in a bag.
1. HomestarRunner.com just added a great new short called "Tenn Girl Squad."
2. Homestar asked The Cheat to do his taxes.
3. What a Homestar--- thinking there was some thing in that bag!
by Arrow May 08, 2003
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1. One's star or similar celestial body of origin
2. Vast interweb based humor nexus featuring oddly proportioned, flash animated characters (inc. a wrestle-man, a pink broom-creature, and an unidentified spotted yellow fella with no pants), puppets, a range of highly sophisticated almost-virtual reality games, and the legendary SB-mail info-nexus.
Galactic Humor Index Rating: Unbefreakinlievable
Don't! That ice-cream's prescription!

-Brother Grawmad
by CynOp August 14, 2005
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What you call someone with a speech impediment.
"Homestars usually have trouble pronouncing R. ex:instead of "strong" they say "stwong".ex:ELmer Fud.
by Jay A April 22, 2003
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a cool white dude that pronounces his r's as w's and speaks with a lisp
HS:What happend to my website?
SB:The System is down, yo.
HS:Oh the system.
SB: Yeah. I tink too many peepole tried to log on at once. Sorry
HS: What are you sowwy fo. Its my website.
by Anonymous May 09, 2003
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See: Homestar Runner. Short for Homestar Runner, a weird-lookin' freak.
"...but Homestar can win the stupid competition"
by Sunbun April 15, 2003
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