A wight is a incorporal undead beeing that drains the essence of living beings to stay alive. Wights are usualy controled by someone or thing of highter power such as a necromancer.
Watch out for the wight, or it will kill you
by Mastikator November 5, 2004
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Used to describe terrifying spectres that walk the world, animated by forces unknown. Pale, moving in an odd and jerky manner, ambulatory, but dead inside, wights do not perceive the damage they do, but bring with them ruin nonetheless. They come, consume all arrayed against them, and repurpose the things they consume into terrible parodies of the things they were, often at terrible, terrible prices. Nothing is safe from them — all are consumed. Their coming is heralded by the malign call from the æther, whispers from malign networks such as The Dread Instagram and Planet That is Lonely by forces called “influencers”, who use the dark art of “hashtags” and “ess-ee-oh” to cause a horde of wights to converge, hollowing the soul of a place to a husk, and subsequently driving the prices of everything up. Nothing is safe.
Kwame, come quickly! That foreigner who came last month — she was from JUICE, and I just saw her article about our town! Quickly, get as much good merchandise you can get and keep it safe… the wights are coming! THE WIGHTS ARE COMING!
by tariqk December 13, 2018
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Wicked + Tight = Wight
Also, ticked, but wight works better.
by EDawgus May 24, 2004
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a common phase used by ginger people, usually fat with problems of there voice. it has recently been discovered as a acknowledgement of awareness that there freinds are around as we would say heya or hello
wight greeny, wants some sweets?
by me me me me me me me July 12, 2006
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Olde Nordic word meaning Spirit.
Thor: "All wights come to me."
by hades' lady February 5, 2010
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Wight is an old word meaning "human" or "of the flesh."
It is the original word in the expression "mighty wight of you" which literally means "mighty human of you" and has been erroneously represented by changing it to "white" and associating a racist connotation.
by Accurate Wording October 29, 2021
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when you can’t spell for shit and you want to insult someone
Jerome: yo little wighte boy

John: ;^;
by john dick bob June 30, 2020
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