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A Beatles, song, movie, and album (actually a soundtrack for the film) All three of them are absolute classics. The phrase 'a hard day's night' was actually created accidentaly by Ringo Starr, who often combined two phrases to create a new one.
"It's been a hard day's night!"-Ringo Starr
by Jackie January 18, 2005
people talk about preps like they aren't real people. if you didn't notice...every " goth " dresses the same. nobody says anything about them. and it's not the kids that get the SUVs. its the parents. and big deal if some people are snobs. and not all of them are the same. and not all of them are idiots. i think that the only idiots are the people that sit at their computer dissing somebody and not realizing that the person they are dissing will probably never read what they're saying.
people are so radical sometimes. it makes me laugh.
by Jackie August 7, 2004
A word used to describe a porn video that slutty pop singers make to attract a young teenage audience. Such porn videos are called "pop" videos, but the latter two are synonymous.
by Jackie February 15, 2003
a war using atomic weapons w/ the intent of destruction on another country/area.

often used as a possible effect of any plan in a debate.
only the roaches survived the nuclear war that was caused by a plan to make everyone wear school uniforms.
by Jackie January 26, 2004
THE BEST SHOW ON TV!!!an awesome show about rich kids in orange county that face alot of problems and make you wish you lived there
kid: do you wanna do someting thursday nite??
coolkid: no!! im watching the oc only the geatest show ever!
by Jackie March 24, 2005