That concert was terrific.
by Quinnly September 2, 2005
1.To instill with terror.(similar to horrific: meaning to instill with horror)
That was so scary, it was terrific.
by Deathknightdelta August 28, 2003
The act of being terrified.
Lindsay: Were you scared to come into our apartment?

David: huh? what makes you say that?

Lindsay: It had a super scary pumpkin outside and spooky spider webs!

David: oh yeah. i was terrified. i forgot i guess.. probably a side effect of being so terrified

Lindsay: Hmm...perhaps. I'll go with it...amnesia related to terrification. That's my nursing diagnosis.
by TarponSlayer October 12, 2010
beneficial; to have great influence on
This ice cream is terrifical
by hello1000 May 17, 2021
Made by Nathan du Plessis

terrified but fancy
Bishhhh I'm terrification
by 0menn November 2, 2020