1. A very terrific athlete.
2. Fluffy puff marshmallow spokesman.
3. Proprieter of Homestarrunner.com, and the lesser known homestarrunner.net, ITS DOT COM!
4. Lover of Marzipan, Melonade, and flushy-push marshmallows.
5. Enemy of strong bad.
6. He who speaks with a lisp, wheres a helicopter beanie, has a large overbite, and does not wear pants.
hello, I'm Homestar Runner, and this is a website!
by Jason Osborne August 08, 2003
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(Armlessicus dumpfaceicus) A Homestar Runner is a wild creature... With a pale face... and... apparent rivalry with an animal known as... the Strong Bad. His distinctive red coat with a star shape on it identifies this creature in the wild. On sight of a Marzipan they perform the mating dance, where the Homestar drinks 179 glasses of melonade and urinates on the Marzipan's gazebo. This creature can be identified by white skin and apparent telekinetic powers. it is known for a strange accent in its speech, such as changing hello to hewwo. this creature is quite stupid, yet very funny. It can also be dangerous. Beware its alter ego the Homsar
Homestar: Hey pom-pom, did you know that lady? How come she gave you a hundwed bucks? Aww I got was a dumb ow' Bit-O-Honey.
time passes....
Homestar: Aw wight, I'll wing the doowbell. Ding ding ding ding diiiing! The Poopsmith, twick ow tweat!
The poopsmith turns around with a shovel of crap.
Pom-pom: blublle-blub
Homestar: Suit youwsewf. Mowe fow me.
by Steven March 02, 2004
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Homestarrunner is a guy with no arms(or invisible ones), or he can telepathicaly move stuff, which is not likely because he isnt very smart. Homestarrunner has a cousin named homsar. marzipan is his Girlfriend, pom-pom is his best friend, strongbad is his competetor, and coachZ is is random coach, and bubs is the vendor
by Michael/Mpd December 07, 2004
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A dim, slow-witted, yet stragely hilarious creature with no arms, a red shirt with a star on it, and speach impediments. Also known as the best damn thing on the internet!
Homestar Runner is the best thing ever!!
by Lieutenant Tarpit August 18, 2004
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An awesome site that fags with screen names like "Tam Dalton" and "Cesspool" (their screwed up posts can be seen near the bottom of this page) wouldnt understand. Its about a guy with no arms and a wrestler that wears boxing gloves, with a host of interesting characters who have all these zany adventures.
by Bigg Knife July 23, 2003
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The funniest "cartoon ever" There are rumors about this little 2 legged guy (With no arms) that he dates back to 1936.
"Uhh I drove," said homestarrunner as strongbad questioned him.
by Huck December 10, 2003
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