(n.) one who purposefully slows down / stops, giving an unsuspecting hitch hiker hope of catching a ride. right before the hitch hiker reaches the vehicle, the hitch tease will drive away, taking the hitch hikers hope in humanity along for the ride
Dude 1: "ah sick brah, looks like we got ourselves a ride!"
(Dudes run to car... car drives away)
Dude 2: "no dice, that guy was such a hitch tease."
by your neighbourhood friend September 26, 2009
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A belly button piercing adorned with an dangling charm or swinging piece of jewelry.
"She had a cute bod, but man, her whore hitch was hanging out of her shirt."
by brone7aurora November 3, 2008
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hitching a sly lift on the back of a passing vehicle, such as a tractor or golf cart, when riding your bicycle.
dude, you look fresh after your 25 mile bike ride" "yeah man, i pulled some sweet hitch-biking the whole way!
by al-co-hol April 22, 2011
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Side Bitch - Someone you do not really know is there until you hit it.
Nah man she is just my hitch bitch I don't really like her.
by Truck slut April 23, 2015
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The american football route combination of Hitch Corner is also known as a smash route. While talking to a bro this can be used to conceal the statement that you would like to smash someone in the area (used to signify girls only because if you are talking about a guy you are sus).
Yo, Drew Champagne you see that Hitch Corner over there?
Yeah, damn right Gavin Kerfus, thats my sister!
by Gkerf33 March 2, 2020
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To get married
Celia: “So, you’re really in love?”
Phoebe: “No, but I promised I would get hitched to Silvius if a didn’t marry Ganymede, who actually turned out to be Rosalind, and I’m not lesbian so...”
Aubrey: “Man, that sucks. I’m lucky because I got hitched to a man who thinks I’m an ugly slut!“
Phoebe: “Well, she’s never been the sharpest knife in the drawer or the prettiest flower in the field, so I’m glad someone decided they were into stupid, unattractive women.“

Fiona and Shrek got hitched, which’s the same as saying they got married! Romeo and Juliet also got hitched/married. In conclusion, getting hitched is getting married.
by Hot Girl ☀️ June 8, 2020
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When you have such a large erection that you don't need a belt because your pants are very hitched.
Man that girl is so hot! She gave me hitch-cock!
by N1k94 March 22, 2009
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