'se bod a tha unnad
(you are a cock)
by Ceabhan December 14, 2006
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surfer lingo for "dude" or "bro"

originated in virginia beach
by bodsquaddddd January 24, 2011
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noun (Australia) - Body (of a person)
He's got a great bod! - Neighbours
by Rob February 4, 2005
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Is a fool, a right prick with a massive dose of naivety and no backbone. A person who has no respect for himself and hasn't any respect from others, a doormat.
That Dave's a right fucking bod. He caught his girlfriend giving his best mate a blow-job and getting licked by his brother but he still took her back, what a fucking bod!
by teknonutter June 29, 2005
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Have you ever seen the comercial with the greasy giant buff dudes posing and playing basketball? Than in the backround you hear the super hot chick say "I want your bod!"
Well now thanks to this vile comercial the word "bod" has a extremle negative connotation.
Dude dont bod the shot! dont bod it!
Dude this show is hella bod lets blow this popcicle stand!
Quit bodding me!
by Gusto March 15, 2005
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the caribbean slang for bad:
one. rotten/not nice; as in negative
two. tough/wicked; as in positive
one. "dat bwoi is pure bod breed."(negative)
two. "dat jam was bod." (positive)
by Baaabs March 17, 2007
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