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surfer lingo for "dude" or "bro"

originated in virginia beach
ahhh sick swell bod!
by bodsquaddddd January 23, 2011
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Scottish Gaelic for "penis"
'se bod a tha unnad
(you are a cock)
by Ceabhan December 13, 2006
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Acronym for "Beginning of Day" used by colleagues of office spaces to start their day. Preferably a BOD is initiated using an online messenger service such as MSN or Gtalk.

BOD is often extended using parentheses and/or semicolon "BOD();", indicating the use of a method in programming languages.
Renji: BOD()!
@: Woo, another fresh day at work!
Whacko: bah -_-.
Ollie: Teh worruk, NOOO!
by Renji March 08, 2007
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"Blacked Out Drunk." When you get completely shitfaced drunk and do not remember certain events that occured that night. Can also be understood as "Better Off Dead"
Example 1:
Matt: Yo Mike! You gettin wild tonight?
Mike: You know it! I'm gettin B.O.D.!!

Example 2:
Kyle: Hey Man I saw you last night you were B.O.D
Jimmy: I saw you last night??
by MikeT #7 November 12, 2005
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Black Out Drunk
/blak/ /out/ /drΙ™NGk/

To be so intoxicated that you black out.
"Black out, or back out!"
"Let's all get BOD tonight!"
by dizzlelemieux December 06, 2011
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β€œIf you don’t know you are one”
Hey look at marla she is really a bod

Dang those guys are such bods
by YoItsBodMon May 15, 2018
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The act and process of getting blacked out drunk. Awesomeness required.
Dude: I got wasted last night?
Chick: No, honey, you were massively BO'd.
by Admiral Awesome August 07, 2005
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