to get married; or already married
by marcuss April 10, 2006
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to get married, thus surrendering all power and control to the woman like a trailer being "hitched" to the back of a powerful and all-controlling tow truck
"Hey Uncle Jim, do you know where Uncle Dave is? The game's starting soon..."

"Uncle Dave's hitched, remember? He's smelling candles and buying mattress covers with your Aunt Jane."

"Oh no... I never want to get hitched."

"You've been raised well kid."
by fillbaybay November 14, 2010
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Getting married, or going out with someone for a laugh.
by Chris Thomas April 13, 2006
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The act of leaving a ciggarette in the ash tray and forgetting about it. or forgetting to ash your ciggarette.
Fuck, I just hitched my smoke!
by LLH831 May 12, 2008
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1. The cure for the common man.

2. a profesisonal date doctor; a sefless individual who helps another man up his game. "Hit it and quit it" is not appropriate.
Note: past semi-pimp experience (in a more sincere and loyal way) is required to be designated as "Hitch."

3. Willing to put in the long hours, has the passion, the heart, the desire, the intensity and onions to get the job done.

4. One of Will Smith's movies.
"That guy, he's Hitch. If you want to sweep that girl off her feet, he'll give you the right broom."
by Ace n Hitman January 31, 2006
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Blonde hair and a nice girl, tries really hard to fit and desperatly wants to be popular. not best friends material but is fun to hang around with, very attractive but doesnt know how to dress/wear makeup! good person despite being a wannabe sometimes.
"look at her trying to fit it"
"yeah, what a hitchings... she seems quite nice though"
by poplopolo November 23, 2013
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