One of the two or three segments on the Tonight Show that's ever worth watching.
And even to watch that, you have to put up with Leno.
by Anonymous June 16, 2003
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A tattoo located above a woman's breast but below the collar bone.

Normally shaped like a tramp stamp with part of the tattoo extending between the breast.
Look at that girl's headliner... and her tits aren't bad either
by Torvos August 14, 2011
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A word to describe people who make a good night out.
Craig- "yea i might come out who's Headlining ?"
Sam- "Ryan, Scott, Joe"
Craig- "sounds good to me"
by cometjumper April 26, 2009
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A head of a newspaper story or article usually printed in large type and giving the gist of the story or article that follows
Hey guys,look what the headline says:Serial killer murdered 12 teenagers in one week.
by BlackPohatu December 29, 2016
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An event that is momentous in your life
Guy 1:OMG!! i got my dick sucked for the first time!!

Guy 2: well.. that's a headliner..
by mAGIK bUS April 15, 2005
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A short saying, quote, lyrics, etc.. used on MySpace. This saying goes right next to your picture in quotation marks.
MySpace headline:
1) I love Josh!
2) To be or not to be? That is the question!
3) I can't make it on my own.. because my heart is in Ohio!
by oooh_shiny August 11, 2007
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n. A male/female who looks at everything below the head of prospective mates/sex partners to determine attractiveness. The products of a sex-crazed society.
Knobber: Hey bras, check it. Look at the rack on that hobag.
Stan: Dude, her face looks like dog meat.
Knobber: Man, I ain't interested in her for her face. Ouch!! SSsssss.
Stan: Fucking headliner.
by Elbowwalker September 25, 2005
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