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Pretty okay show teaching kids how to fight evil

Basic formula of the show goes like this:
5 people sitting together at the ice cream parlor, then suddenly danger strikes!,go to their head quarters to find out what's wrong, MIGHTY MORPHIN' TIME!!!, Find and fight the bad guys, henchmen are killed "the Boss" barely survives, the power rangers find "the boss the second time", they continue where they left off, when "the boss is barely able to fight anymore" he injects steroids into his system and becomes a giant, forcing our beloved power rangers to hop in thier equally large machine fighters, blah blah blah, bad guy is defeated, bad guy screams in pain, creator dude gets all pissed off, and everyone goes back to the ice cream parlor...
by mAGIK bUS June 30, 2005

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Some thing that about 98% of people should do.
Christina, calm the fuck down
by mAGIK bUS June 05, 2005

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Thank god Ford never bought the company and turned it into a flaming bag of satans Asshole.

Unfortunately I can't say the same for other Ford Purchases (Land Rover, Aston Martin, Lincoln, Mercury, and Jaguar)
Ferrari's are one of the most coveted automobiles on earth. Every man aged 3-94 will immediately stop what they are doing and appreciate the beauty and power harnessed by one of these works of art.
by Magik Bus October 12, 2006

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full version is dog days of summer

time in the summer where it is so hot or humid that the dogs go crazy by barking or howling.
wow...it's so hot and the dogs are going crazy, it must be the dog days of summer
by mAGIK bUS July 11, 2005

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A computer with large amounts or pornographic material in it
let's search some porn on your cumputer
by mAGIK bUS June 25, 2005

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American League baseball team based in The Bronx, New York. They were established in 1901 and currently play in Yankees Stadium. Some famous players include: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig,Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, Joe Dimaggio, Don Mattingly and countless others most of which have been inducted into the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown.

Undoubtedly the most dominant professional sports franchise in the US and possibly the world. As of now ('06) 26 world series wins, 39 World series appearances and a history of winning, legendary players and professionalism unparalleled to any other ball club in MLB.
lots of people are jealous of the new york yankees because of their success, especially people who troll on Urban dictionary. Yankee fans don't care what others think, we stick by our team through thick and thin.

people point out the obvious by stating that the yankees buy players, no shit sherlock, every team buys players you pay players to play- hence PROFESSIONAL baseball, this ain't little league- the yankees are better at it because it has the biggest and most dedicated fan base in the US.

we also have johnny damon

by Magik Bus October 03, 2006

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School that commences in the summer.

Even though summer school is in the summer, it is much easier to get an A because the majority of the students who take it don't do well in school anyway.
dude, i'm taking math in summer school, i'll have like 120 percent when it's all finished!
by mAGIK bUS June 24, 2005

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