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A tattoo located above a woman's breast but below the collar bone.

Normally shaped like a tramp stamp with part of the tattoo extending between the breast.
Look at that girl's headliner... and her tits aren't bad either
by Torvos August 14, 2011
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An event that is momentous in your life
Guy 1:OMG!! i got my dick sucked for the first time!!

Guy 2: well.. that's a headliner..
by mAGIK bUS April 15, 2005
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n. A male/female who looks at everything below the head of prospective mates/sex partners to determine attractiveness. The products of a sex-crazed society.
Knobber: Hey bras, check it. Look at the rack on that hobag.
Stan: Dude, her face looks like dog meat.
Knobber: Man, I ain't interested in her for her face. Ouch!! SSsssss.
Stan: Fucking headliner.
by Elbowwalker September 25, 2005
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