Verb meaning:
1) To hang something up
2) To deal with.
To put up with.
1) I put up the painting I found
2) I had to put up with his childish behavior.
by SafiMoyo August 19, 2005
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To compliment someone (usually after just totally embarrassing them or making them feel like crap). Usually done against one's will.
Student: You're fucking ugly.

Teacher: Hey now! That deserves a put up.

Student: ..Nice shoes.
by sumb!tch March 21, 2008
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To grafiti something..
"I 'put up' this huge 'RoMaN' on the side of a train."
by Diego August 18, 2003
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1. Euphemism for 'pitch a tent', or to get an erection
2. To crash at a friends apartment
1. "Wow, John really put up a bag over Heather's tits eh?"
2. "I'm slithered... Can I put up a bag at yours tonight man?"
by Ess Boyer December 6, 2011
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code for masturbation when you are in a public forum.
My wife had a headache last night, so I put up a shelf
by lxb112 August 12, 2010
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To score high in a game
Jim: " Why is that random person in our squad?"
John: "I don't know, but he put up numbers last match."
Jim: "Keep him, then."
by CheeseRat May 28, 2018
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