when you put quotes around a certain word or phrase to imply something without saying it directly.

In the mafia for example they would say something like,

"The dishes are done and the kids are in bed" to imply to a hierarchy or an associate in a public place that the order was successfully carried out, such as the transporting of drugs, blowing something up or murdering someone.

Or: I'll bring the party "supplies" by your house around 10. (supplies being alcohol w/o being directly stated)
john: Why did you put quotes around supplies when you were talking about the party tonight?

jack: i was implying something else so others wouldn't know what i was really referring to. it's called the quotation mark effect.
by KR567456735 August 22, 2010
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Using the universal "heavy metal" hand gesture (fist with index and pinky fingers extended) and combining it with the quotation marks hand gesture to achieve Rock Quotation Marks. Normally used ironically/sarcastically.
Man, those Veronicas are *rockin'*.

*Rock quotation marks.
by Melissa and Jess July 5, 2007
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A punctuation mark used to indicate the beginning and end of a quoted passage, or to indicate that a word or phrase is slang
There are several types of quotation marks:
single (‘ ’)
double (“ ”)
angular (« »)
by bluestinger66 November 21, 2022
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