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Model/actress (lol) Extremely overrated, looking at her face alone would lead one to believe that she was, in fact at one time, a man. I realize that she has a nice body, but you're only fooling yourselves if you can't appreciate a woman for everything she is and Carmen is a rotted beef pop on a slick stick with a dick.
Carmen Electra's face looks like poo warmed on a griddle and served with grits. With a name and a face like that, she's probably a robot.
by Elbowwalker September 25, 2005
n. A non-traditional (ie: non-sexual) def. of the word, meaning a person on a message board whose sole purpose is to take hits for a bigger/more respected poster, so as not to make them look bad. They will often suck-up to said bigger poster to the point where the entire forum labels them a Fluffer and not worth much more than an annoyed STFU.

Fluffers usually work alone, but there are small cliques of forum Fluffers that will stick together to defend a celebrity or favorite genre (eg: emo), or game (eg: Halo)while not providing much more content than "You suck, n00b!!"
Pounding these fluffers into the e-pavement is like snacking on empty calories, there will always be at least one hanging around.
by Elbowwalker September 25, 2005
n. A male/female who looks at everything below the head of prospective mates/sex partners to determine attractiveness. The products of a sex-crazed society.
Knobber: Hey bras, check it. Look at the rack on that hobag.
Stan: Dude, her face looks like dog meat.
Knobber: Man, I ain't interested in her for her face. Ouch!! SSsssss.
Stan: Fucking headliner.
by Elbowwalker September 25, 2005
n. A drink that Brits find insulting to real tea drinkers. Personally, I enjoy both, but British style a bit moreso.
What the bloody hell are you drinking, Luke? Is that an *gasp* Iced tea?! Ah, now I have to fuck you up, old chap.
by Elbowwalker September 25, 2005
Ms. Hilton is a spoiled little no-talent wallet humping twit who probably takes an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes.

Her history is a revolting one, and her current "career" sees her in everything from skits on SNL (where she embarrasses herself with one bland performance after another), and movies such as House of Wax in which her overall acting ability only slightly rivals that of wax fruit. Many people are tired of seeing this rat-faced mascarra caked mongoloid sharing screen time with actual celebrities, but for some reason there are other far more stupid people who enjoy her "work". If you happen to be one of them, congratulations, you are assisting in dumbing down entertainment for the rest of us.
Paris Hilton used to somewhat pretty, probably charming, then Hollywood got ahold of her and now she resembles a cross between a gorgon and a wet chihuahua.
by Elbowwalker September 25, 2005
n. 1 - Male or female who has consumed vast quantities of semen.

2. A worthless piece of trash human being who serves no purpose but to be ridiculed.

3. The mouth of either aforementioned individual(s)
- Barb? Yeah, word around town's that she's a real spunkbunker.

- I hate that son of a bitch. Someone played a cruel joke on us when they brought that spunkbunker into this world.

- Shut your spunkbunker, you spastic shithat, I'm trying to watch Homestar Runner.
by Elbowwalker September 25, 2005
n. An increasingly well-known online hangout for some pretty fucked up forum whores, trolls, and degenerates of all shapes, sizes, and prejudices. One of the original websites solely dedicated to the "art" of insulting people online, otherwise known as flaming, as well as trolling.

Formed around the turn of the century in an IRC-based chat room with a handful of loyal members, Brawl Hall now receives tens of thousands of hits per day and a not inconsiderable portion of said hits come from the BH forum's 20,000 + members.

The rules are simple. Insult one another through whichever means possible, including borderline-private information, spamming other forums in the name of Brawl Hall until their servers explode and the "enemy" is forced to post at the BH forums, troll members into posting at the BH forums, and otherwise act as an offensive, immature twat who barfs out such inanity as "airclaim" (meaning something that cannot be proven), "PKB" (short for Pot calling the Kettle Black), and the ever-annoying and idiotic "backpedal", (defined as when a user changes/attempts to change their story after the fact).

There have been accusations that Brawl Hall hacks members, though nothing conclusive has been provided, only angry forum members that claim this is true. Overall, a popular but embarrassing hole in the internet full of human filth that get off on hurting others, that unfortunately, will not see a decrease in controversy anytime soon.
Brawl Hall is a huge pit of shit, and someone should drain the vat before it contaminates the entire interweb.
by Elbowwalker September 25, 2005