Half of a house brick. Ideal size and wieght for throwing during riots at strategic points around Belfast. Their natural habitat is interface ares where they grow in abundance.
Gissa a halfer will yee, ol' chap, so I can lob it in the general direction of the police?
by best mate nate January 07, 2005
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1: A nickname shortened from Halferbrain
2: To take the piss out of some1 that trys 2 act cool
1: Alrite Halfer
2: What a complete and utter Halfer
by Halferbrain! May 10, 2009
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A word used by a guy when he is too cheap to pay for the date he asked you out on.
"Hey babe, I didn't expect the bill to be this much ( after you already ordered and ate) wanna go "HALF-ERS"?
by DatedACheapskate October 20, 2009
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