A term of endearment commonly used by anime fans ( weebs )
weeb1: i lob u

weeb2: i lob u more
weeb3: lob lob lob

example 2:
I lob you all
by weebwrld November 06, 2020
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Often used to mean "throw", particularly refers to heavy objects.
"I need some help to lob this broken chair into the skip."
"lobbing a large stone"
by Rabid Giraffe June 02, 2006
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tracy mcgrady has done a lob to vince carter and he dunked it done with one hand
by weedrasta August 10, 2013
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My friend nick says a "lob on" is a hard on, i dunno where the hell he got that from though. This spawned the use of lob which means your dick (according to nick)
"switch to playboy and ill get my/a lob on"
by Jack Cassidy April 07, 2005
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The condition of a penis before it becomes fully erect. Usually found after a warm shower, during episodes of Baywatch and desired before public displays of nudity (i.e. urination).
In conversation - " I freed my lazy lob and thrapped her around the face".
by Tim K April 05, 2006
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