A term of endearment commonly used by anime fans ( weebs )
weeb1: i lob u

weeb2: i lob u more
weeb3: lob lob lob

example 2:
I lob you all
by weebwrld November 6, 2020
Often used to mean "throw", particularly refers to heavy objects.
"I need some help to lob this broken chair into the skip."
"lobbing a large stone"
by Rabid Giraffe June 2, 2006
tracy mcgrady has done a lob to vince carter and he dunked it done with one hand
by weedrasta August 10, 2013
romany/traveller/wideboy slang word for useless idiot
by pukka romany February 15, 2010
Girl:Wud (what u doing)
Boy: Lob
by _person_101_ August 9, 2016
My friend nick says a "lob on" is a hard on, i dunno where the hell he got that from though. This spawned the use of lob which means your dick (according to nick)
"switch to playboy and ill get my/a lob on"
by Jack Cassidy April 7, 2005
The condition of a penis before it becomes fully erect. Usually found after a warm shower, during episodes of Baywatch and desired before public displays of nudity (i.e. urination).
In conversation - " I freed my lazy lob and thrapped her around the face".
by Tim K April 5, 2006