A linkage between two things. A user interface is the system of controls with which the user controls a device. Two devices are said to be interfaced when their operations are linked electronically. An interface box is often required to convert signals from one form to another
Hi, this software can not work on your computer without loading ABC programme which will work as an interface
by ZIAULHAQ November 30, 2007
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A person who doesn't like it anally. He(usually a he) enjoys it interface style
John likes it interface
by Juanas April 9, 2008
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I’m gonna use the word ‘interface’ as code for ‘kiss’ dude. I was interfacing Betsy yesterday and my lips are still numb dude
by Chonch Lazy April 22, 2018
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Taken from the words Internet and Face. It refers to someone who is a lot better looking on the internet (eg Facebook Profile Picture) than they are in real life.
Dude i found this chick on Facebook but when i met her she had major Interface!
by BroToes October 5, 2011
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Mother: What are you doing in there?!
Son: I'm interfacing!

"I'll interface with you later."
by Annettaki May 8, 2010
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A design metaphor for the form of an object (experience).

A skeumorph.
An interface metaphor heralds the start of intersubjective collapse (annihilism).
by sandrashine August 2, 2018
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Often used to describe the way a programmer's face looks after little or no sleep over a prolonged period of time.

Can also be used to descibe a programmer's face after spending more than 5 days inside, in front of a computer.

Programmer's Interface usually includes:

- Dark circles around the eyes
- Bloodshot eyes
- Pale skin
- Stubble (if male)
Programmer 1: Hey man, you look rough today.

Programmer 2: Yeah, I've got some serious Programmer's Interface going on today.

Programmer 1: Been up for a few days programming again?

Programmer 2: Yeah. Pretty much.
by Jabdennel July 30, 2011
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