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Outrageously gorgeous. Sara's personality is like no other. Her features are exotic and stunning, her smile and laugh light up a room. Sara is self conscious and dislikes many things about her body. Sara is very hard on herself, but she can't help it. Everyone except herself knows she's an out right bombshell. Boys are afraid of her, they think she is out of their league. But Sara feels alone, because few guys have the courage to talk to a girl that amazing.

Sara can at times be a sarcastic diva, but only when she has good reason.

She is so kind to everyone. She'll always be there when you need her, even if you've hurt her, she will always care even though you once didn't. Sara will make you laugh, but she doesn't think she's funny.
Sara's been through the worst hardships. But you wouldn't know, she doesn't like to burden others with her troubles.

Sara waits for the right man. And if it's you daym you're a lucky guy, she'll be the best thing that will ever happen to you. Sara is shy at first. Only because she's scared she'll get hurt. She's been hurt too many times in the past. But when she opens up to you, you'll never want to let her go. Sara is sweet and innocent, but take her out and you will be amazed. Fun and sexy, you would never guess Sara has a bit of dirty mind. She is adventurous if you know what I mean, but is still the classiest gal you could find.

Bottom line if you ever find a Sara, cherish her, you'll never find one like her again.
-Holy shit do you know that girl over there?

Oh, that's Sara. Extremely sexy yet classy, the sweetest girl you'll ever meet.

-How do you know a girl like Sara?

I used to date her, but I don't deserve a girl like her. I'll never get over loosing Sara.

-I'll say, shes fucking hot, but way out of my league.

Mine too
by aaronoakly93 March 26, 2014
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I passed my test! Thanks to the Clock Method
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In one word: "tuna"
The world's most precious human, and Utah's most important resident. She is super fast, very endurance. Always the best dressed. Frequently accused of witchcraft, but considered a pillar of her community. She is commonly referred to as the Princess King of Utah, Lord of Murray.
If you see Sara coming, you better know what you're dealing with.
by light.23 March 27, 2019
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Sara is so Gorgeous that you naturally want to be around her as much as Possible. If you underestimate how quickly she can make you fall for her, you won't be alone cuz She has no clue she can do that. Anytime She complains about a Boyfriend, You will be wishing you could show her how being a good boyfriend is done. Sara can be funny. She's super tough. The best thing about her is that huge heart. She has a way of making things feel better, and making people feel special. She is really mature. Just talk to her and you can tell she gets it. She's not one of them hoes wasting your time playing games. She's the kind of girl that you are scared of dating cuz She's too perfect to risk breaking her heart.
by PerfectlyDefined August 31, 2018
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A beam of sunshine who will always make your day better.
I'm so glad I talked to Sara today, she just turns my frown upside down.
by @aspecialperson January 22, 2017
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Sara means princess in Hebrew, so treat her like one. She doesn't look for sex in guys, though you can catch her staring at abs or v-lines once in a while. Sara is a sweet, quiet and kind person before you meet her, but when you get to know her she can reach some pretty loud octaves. She has an amazing sense of humor that most people wont understand. Sara is beautiful and a great artist. She can sing, though she doesn't really like to share it. Her stare can bring a man to his knees. Sara may act secure with herself, but sometimes she has her bad days. She blushes at the smallest thing, which most boys find cutely adorable. She is, in heart just a good natured southern girl. When people move Sara will miss them like no tomorrow and vice versa. When she develops a crush, it doesn't just go away. It grows, and it is hard for her to stop liking that person. Sara has many friends in both genders, and most "groups" (I.e., loners, popular, preppy) She can hold relationships for a long time, and most of the time its other people breaking her heart, instead of her breaking theirs. If you ever find a Sara, get her while you can, because you wont find another girl like this in a million years.
Haydn: Look at Sara, she just ran into Alex
Haley: Aww, she's blushing! I think she might like him.

Haydn: really? I guess I don't have a chance then. Why does she have to be so cute?
Haley: Who knows? Maybe in a few years you could. I'm so jealous, why does she have to be so pretty!

Haydn will keep watching her as she walks to her locker, wishing he could find a Sara.
by Alex543 May 20, 2015
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Sara is a very smart, creative girl who can do anything if she puts her mind to it. She's very emotional because she wasn't always treated perfectly and might have went through a lot of hardships but came out better for the win. She can write really well,loves reading, and can play music or anything really creative. Her mind has no limits and she's often easily overwhelmed but that doesn't stop her from having fun. People who have hated Sara have no reason to because she is never mean to those who hate her,despite knowing that they do. She is insecure,but brave and will often do things others won't. She hates when people are judging.
Ex 1: Tom: Woah,did you read Sara's story?
Jennifer: Yeah. It was amazing!

Ex 2: Mark: Wow I hate Sara

Lilly: What did she ever do to you? She's so nice!
by Aira Kirkland November 10, 2012
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